Tuesday, February 19, 2013

9 Months Old!

Happy 9 months to my sweet Phoebe June and Piper Rose!  I can hardly believe that in only 3 shorts months my little girls will be 1 years old.

Both girls continue to grow and learn new things each and every day.  Piper was a little bit slower to learn how to crawl, but she has caught up to her sister quickly and is now racing around our condo non-stop!  Piper also loves to pull herself up on things.  I will often see her standing all the way up in her crib in the mornings...yikes!  The nurse told me today at her 9 month old appointment that Piper could be walking in about a month and a half.  I don't know if I am ready for that!  Piper is still not a huge fan of solid food but she is a good sport tasting all the new creations I make.

Phoebe on the other hand is our designated eater.  That little girl LOVES food!  I recently added black beans to our baby food menu.  Phoebe could not get enough (just like her mommy)!  In addition to eating Phoebe loves to play, sing and crawl all over the place.  She has not pulled herself up yet but I am sure that will start soon.

Today was Piper and Phoebe's 9 month old doctor appointment.  WOW, there was a lot of information to learn and go over.  In the end I learned that both girls are doing AWESOME.  The NP was very pleased with their growth and development.  She kept telling me that the girls had HUGE hands and feet.  Who would have thought?!?  Not me!  Another cool thing that I learned today was that both Phoebe and Piper grew 2 inches since their last doctor appointment.  Apparently most babies only grow 1/2 inch, but not my girls, they are over achievers.

Here is their growth breakdown:

Piper weighs 15lbs 5.5ounces and is 25.25 inches long
Phoebe weighs 14lbs 13.5ounces and is 25.25 inches long

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The Calagna Family said...

Love them!!!! I cant believe they are going to be 1 soon either. WOW! Time flies way too fast! xoxoxo