Friday, July 27, 2012

Bath Time

My BIG girls out grew the baby bath that we got from the hospital recently so I went to Babies R Us (Which was a nightmare.  I don't think I can ever go back there on a weekend day) to buy a new bath.  I spent forever in the bath isle trying to pick the perfect baby tub (I have issues).  I finally settled on one and I am happy with it.  I can now give the babies a bath on my own...wahoo!!!  Piper and Phoebe enjoyed their bath time today and I look forward to many more in the new tub.  To me there is nothing like the smell of a fresh clean baby and there is nothing cuter than a hoodie towel!

After bath time Piper and Phoebe enjoyed some "sister time" together.  I think Phoebe enjoyed it a little bit more than Piper. :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our 1st Shot Day

Today was Piper and Phoebe's 2nd visit to see Dr. Ball, our wonderful pediatrician.  We started our visit by weighing and measuring the girls.  I was thrilled to see how big both of the girls are getting!  Piper was 7lbs 8oz and 20" long and Phoebe was 7lbs and 19 3/4" long.  Dr. Ball was so pleased with their growth.  The goal was to have the babies gain 1oz a day from the last time they were weighed.  My overachieving babies did that and then some!!!  Wahoo!  He was also excited to see how well shaped and formed Phoebe and Piper's heads were.  When Phoebe was first born her head had a funny shape to it from being cramped in my uterus.  So hearing Dr. Ball say that their heads were good makes me over the moon happy.

After our nice visit with Dr. Ball in came the nurse with the shots.  I seriously thought I was going to loose it.  My heart was beating fast and my chest was so tight.   It was killing me knowing what was about to happen.  Thank goodness my mom was there.  I made her watch while I looked away.  It was heart breaking to hear Piper and Phoebe cry the way they did.  It was a unique cry that I hope I don't have to hear all that often.

I took a few pictures of both girls resting after their BIG day.  So far Phoebe has been a little fussy and wanted to be held for a bit but she fell back to sleep quickly and is resting well.  I had my mom bring infant Tylenol just in case.  I am praying we don't need to use it.

Phoebe resting with mommy

Piper and Phoebe resting after a LONG day

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 Months Old

WOW, where has the time gone?!?  I can hardly believe that Phoebe and Piper are 2 months old today. I played the role of crazy mom this morning and got the girls all dressed up and tried to have my own photo shoot.  I am photographically challenged and should not be allowed to use a camera.  I need help!

Here are some of the pictures I took of the babies!  They were good sports for a lot of the time until Phoebe just had enough.  Poor thing was crying, which I think really meant, "Mommy, please STOP!"

Tomorrow morning is Piper and Phoebe's 2 month doctor visit with Dr. Ball.  The girls will receive their very first shots!  I am kinda sad and nervous about it.  Good thing Grammie is coming with us just in case I start crying! :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Loving Ladera...

Today was a great day.  James and I had a day date to see Spider Man (thanks to Nonie).  What a fun movie!!  When we got home we decided to take the babies for a walk around our beautiful neighborhood.  It was warm but there was a beautiful breeze.  James brought his new "toy" electric skate board.  I even hopped on for a short ride. It was SUPER fun! (No pictures of me though caused I was lacking grace & skill).

I also had to post a few naked sleeping pictures of the girls because they are just too cute!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

People Say the Funniest Things...

Yesterday James and I were feeling very brave and adventurous, we decided to take Piper and Phoebe to one of our favorite spots in Orange County...Fashion Island.  We have never been this far from home and to be honest I was a little nervous.

It turns out I had nothing to be nervous about.  James and I enjoyed a nice lunch in the food court, we walked around and looked in many shops.  Now the thing I am most proud of...we changed the babies in the family restroom at Nordstrom and we even fed the babies at the mall.  Everything went great!  I will for sure do this again, just not by myself. :o)

While we were out we got some very interesting comments from people passing by.  One woman looked at me and asked with all honesty, "Did you know you were having twins?"  This comment would be ok if it was 1960.  But with today's technology how could you not know.  Well, now that I think about it, there is a show called I didn't know I was pregnant so I guess anything is possible.  Another lady asked James and I, "Are both of them yours?"  Really?!?  I wanted to tell her no we stole one of the babies.  Silly, silly!

Tonight was another big church night for Phoebe and Piper.  They met their Rancho Capistrano Saturday night family for the first time.  I got the girls all dressed up in outfits given to them by Auntie Hillie-Bear.  They looked precious if I do say so myself.  James was not a fan of the bows but I think they made the outfits great!

Six Hours

In the wee hours of Friday morning I glanced over at the clock (as I usually do these days) only to see that the clock read 5:00 am.  I immediately freaked out, jumped out of bed and shouted to James, "Oh my goodness Piper and Phoebe just slept 6 hours, we better wake them up and feed them!"  I seriously thought I was the worst mommy ever.  Don't get me wrong the sleep was AMAZING but I didn't know if the babies could sleep that long.

The next day I called the pediatrician and spoke with a nurse.  She said that sleeping six hours at night it totally fine since Phoebe and Piper are getting so big and they are eating plenty during the day.  I learned that as long as they are eating between 20 and 24oz the girls can sleep as long as they want.  I was thrilled by this news.  To my surprise Phoebe and Piper repeated their 6 hour sleep pattern last night.  I am just hoping and praying this will continue.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today we celebrated Auntie Theresa's birthday with Auntie Julie, what fun!  Our celebration included yummy food (brought by Julie) and delicious cupcakes from Frostings.

During our celebration Julie got some amazing news of her own (Julie and her wonderful husband Rob are in the final stages of adopting a little boy from Korea).  After a LONG, LONG wait Julie received an email today letting her know that their EP was approved and they could be getting their travel call as soon as two weeks from now.  We are all so excited for Rob and Julie and can hardly wait to meet Little Rob.

We even lit a candle for Julie in her cupcake and sang "Happy EP Approval Day" (to the tune of Happy Birthday) in honor of her great news!!

No visit to the Valencia condo would be complete without some girl time!!  Piper and Phoebe LOVE their Auntie Julie and Auntie Theresa!

Happy 4th of July

Grammie made Phoebe and Piper their very first 4th of July onesies and headbands.  I wish I was half as crafty as my mom is.  She is always making and creating such awesome things.  I really don't think there is anything she can't do or make.  Thanks Grammie for making the girls look SO adorable on their very first 4th of July!

James and I had every intention of taking Phoebe and Piper to walk around all of the wonderful 4th of July Ladera Ranch activities however, we were all too tired as you can see from this picture of Piper.  I think she thought her headband was a sleep mask! :o)

Later in the afternoon James and I took the girls over to Grammie and G Dad's house for a BBQ.  My mom and dad out did themselves (as usual).  We had yummy food and wonderful company!  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another BIG Sunday!

This Sunday James and I brought Piper and Phoebe to meet our Rancho Capistrano church family at the 9:00 am service.  Just like last weekend, this weekend we were greeted with a TON of love and support.  We are so very blessed to have such an amazing church family!

After church the girls and I had a nice visit with my Auntie Margie and my Cousin Sarah.  Growing up Sarah and I were just like sisters.  Sometimes we loved each other so very much and other times we were fighting like cats and dogs.  I have so many wonderful memories growing up at Auntie Margie's house, so to me it was very special to introduce both of these ladies to my precious little ones.

During our daily "sister" time Molly (our little 11 year old pug) finally discovered Phoebe and Piper.  Prior to that time Molly really did not even notice the babies were here.  She ignored them and went about her merry little way.  Last night it was so funny to watch Molly look at the girls.  I really don't think she knew what to make of them.  I do have a feeling that they will all become the best of friends once Piper and Phoebe are bigger.