Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our 1st Shot Day

Today was Piper and Phoebe's 2nd visit to see Dr. Ball, our wonderful pediatrician.  We started our visit by weighing and measuring the girls.  I was thrilled to see how big both of the girls are getting!  Piper was 7lbs 8oz and 20" long and Phoebe was 7lbs and 19 3/4" long.  Dr. Ball was so pleased with their growth.  The goal was to have the babies gain 1oz a day from the last time they were weighed.  My overachieving babies did that and then some!!!  Wahoo!  He was also excited to see how well shaped and formed Phoebe and Piper's heads were.  When Phoebe was first born her head had a funny shape to it from being cramped in my uterus.  So hearing Dr. Ball say that their heads were good makes me over the moon happy.

After our nice visit with Dr. Ball in came the nurse with the shots.  I seriously thought I was going to loose it.  My heart was beating fast and my chest was so tight.   It was killing me knowing what was about to happen.  Thank goodness my mom was there.  I made her watch while I looked away.  It was heart breaking to hear Piper and Phoebe cry the way they did.  It was a unique cry that I hope I don't have to hear all that often.

I took a few pictures of both girls resting after their BIG day.  So far Phoebe has been a little fussy and wanted to be held for a bit but she fell back to sleep quickly and is resting well.  I had my mom bring infant Tylenol just in case.  I am praying we don't need to use it.

Phoebe resting with mommy

Piper and Phoebe resting after a LONG day


Caitlin Rodriguez said...

I am so sad for you and the girls. I know its rough, but its only for 1 day. So glad to hear they are growing like weeds and have beautiful shaped heads, such a good quality in a girl! Also, love the naked shots! I want to eat them up!

terenjaxteegan said...

Love them, so sweet!