Saturday, July 7, 2012

People Say the Funniest Things...

Yesterday James and I were feeling very brave and adventurous, we decided to take Piper and Phoebe to one of our favorite spots in Orange County...Fashion Island.  We have never been this far from home and to be honest I was a little nervous.

It turns out I had nothing to be nervous about.  James and I enjoyed a nice lunch in the food court, we walked around and looked in many shops.  Now the thing I am most proud of...we changed the babies in the family restroom at Nordstrom and we even fed the babies at the mall.  Everything went great!  I will for sure do this again, just not by myself. :o)

While we were out we got some very interesting comments from people passing by.  One woman looked at me and asked with all honesty, "Did you know you were having twins?"  This comment would be ok if it was 1960.  But with today's technology how could you not know.  Well, now that I think about it, there is a show called I didn't know I was pregnant so I guess anything is possible.  Another lady asked James and I, "Are both of them yours?"  Really?!?  I wanted to tell her no we stole one of the babies.  Silly, silly!

Tonight was another big church night for Phoebe and Piper.  They met their Rancho Capistrano Saturday night family for the first time.  I got the girls all dressed up in outfits given to them by Auntie Hillie-Bear.  They looked precious if I do say so myself.  James was not a fan of the bows but I think they made the outfits great!


Rebecca Titone said...

I love the bows too! The girls look so beautiful, like dolls.
And people really do say such strange things.

terenjaxteegan said...

I love the bows, I wish I had a girl, just for the bows. =) People ask me ALL the time if the boys have the same dad since they look so different (and probably due to my situation). People are brave and need to think before speaking. Haha. The girls look adorable and yay for getting out.

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

I LOVE those bows! and those pretty babies! People are beyond silly.
I am proud of you for going out and about-I was terrified at that age. Good for you!