Friday, July 27, 2012

Bath Time

My BIG girls out grew the baby bath that we got from the hospital recently so I went to Babies R Us (Which was a nightmare.  I don't think I can ever go back there on a weekend day) to buy a new bath.  I spent forever in the bath isle trying to pick the perfect baby tub (I have issues).  I finally settled on one and I am happy with it.  I can now give the babies a bath on my own...wahoo!!!  Piper and Phoebe enjoyed their bath time today and I look forward to many more in the new tub.  To me there is nothing like the smell of a fresh clean baby and there is nothing cuter than a hoodie towel!

After bath time Piper and Phoebe enjoyed some "sister time" together.  I think Phoebe enjoyed it a little bit more than Piper. :-)


The Calagna Family said...

Oh I LOVE bath time and clean babies...even now! Mel, your girls are so beautiful!!! What a precious gift they are. Enjoy every minute (I know you are)!

terenjaxteegan said...

Love the smell of clean babies, and your two girlies are just so adorable!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Oh my gosh, they get cuter and cuter! Love them & you!