Tuesday, January 24, 2012

18 Weeks and Counting...

The bump is starting to grow!!! I had some students tell me in a very cute/sweet way, "Mrs. Valencia, I think your belly is growing." I told him I think you are right! My students love to talk to the babies and touch my belly. I think it is very sweet. I am enjoying all the extra love and support not only from my students but from everyone. My family, my friends, my small group and my church family have been beyond wonderful to me.
My sweet tooth has officially started to come back. I still do not love chocolate but I am a pretty big fan of rice crispy treats. I was thrilled to find that the Rice Crispy brand makes gluten free...wahoo!!! I seriously had a party in the cereal isle. Last weekend my favorite treat was "zebra" kettle corn, a special gift from a very special friend. OMG, it was SO delicious!!! I loved it so much I ate the entire bag.
Besides being exhausted ALL the time I am really enjoying my 2nd trimester. I am starting to think of all the things James and I need to do and need to buy before the babies come. I think it will be easier to do all of that once we find out the genders of the babies. Speaking of genders, I have my 20 week appointment coming up very soon. The big blog reveal of the babies genders will be on Sunday, February 19th. However, if you want to know sooner you can attend one of the church services at Rancho that weekend. James and I will be sharing our big news on Saturday, February 18th at 5pm and on Sunday, February 19th at 9am and 11am.


ceastman said...

soooo happy for you guys...you can't imagine how wonderful it will be. if i'd known how awesome it was to have a child, i'd have started trying MUCH earlier!:) - christine eastman

Rebecca Titone said...

I love that bump! Eat what ever you want, it is good for the babies. Your kids are so sweet in class. Glad you are feeling well.