Monday, February 13, 2012

Half Way There...

Baby A is on top sucking its thumb and Baby B is below

I am 20 weeks and half way to the finish line. Wahoo!!!  I am so happy to say that I am feeling great.  I am gaining more energy and now that I am no longer sick, things are really looking up.  I told a friend the other day at church, "I can really do this pregnancy thing!"  For awhile there I did not think I would ever feel "normal" again, not that I am "normal", but who really is. :o)
I am most thrilled to say that our babies did SO well at their 20 week appointment.  James and I were in awe as the ultra sound tech was going through all the measurements and checking out each and every part of the babies.  It is amazing how she can see all of the parts with such ease.  It took James and I a bit to see some of the parts.  Baby A was moving so much that little one for sure takes after daddy! Baby B on the other hand was being extremely, just like me.  That being said we will not be announcing the genders of the babies until this weekend.  James and I can hardly wait to share our good news with everyone!!
Cravings: I seriously can not live without grapes these days.  I think I could live on grapes alone!!!  Green and purple are both good as long as they are not mushy...yuck!  Who likes mushy grapes??  Not this girl.  My sweet tooth has also come back in full effect, minus chocolate still.  I am in shock that I still have an aversion to one of the greatest foods.  In addition to grapes I am still on a major Chinese and Japanese food kick.  They have replaced my usual obsession with Mexican food, which just like chocolate makes me sad.  For those of you who know me well, know I could not survive a Friday night without Mexican food.
James and I spent my day off today looking at cars.  I am SO excited to say that we purchased my first big girl adult car!!!  After much debate and research we decided on the Kia Sorento.  I am SO in love with my new car.  When I was driving it home I had the biggest smile on my face.  James said I looked like a little girl.  I am just thrilled to have plenty of room for the babies when they come in June.  It was such a blessing to be able to purchase this car.  It turned out that our sales person has been a member of Saddleback church for 15 years... talk about a God moment.  We also ran into a member of Saddleback Rancho Capistrano who happened to be in the dealership with her car.  It was so nice to see her and get her opinion of Kia's (she of course LOVES her).
I think it would be super fun to have people make guesses on what they think the genders are of the babies. Take a good look at the pictures and leave a message if you can to let us know what you think.  I will be posting the news next Sunday after church!  Until then I am so excited to hear what everyone thinks!!
The baby Bump is finally growing!!!  James and I both LOVE it!


Noelle said...

Okay, here goes...I think one of each. They sure have perfect little heads, but one is just a little smaller than the other,so that's why I think they'll be a boy & a girl. Now we can't wait to hear! xoxo
Noelle Steele

Charlotte said...

I think you're having a boy and a girl. I think Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy. : ) Soooooo excited to find out!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Your belly looks great! I am so happy to hear they are "cooking" so well in there! I'm guessing one of each, a boy & a girl! Eithern way lots of love to the four of you!

The Calagna Family said...

I think one of each as well :) You look amazing...I looked like that at oh, 2 months with one baby! Lol! Love you! xo

Holly Lombardo said...

one of each!!! you look awesome!

terenjaxteegan said...

I'm switching my original thought of two boys to two girls. ;)

Jeanne said...

Well, since we had four kids, separately, and I carried every one differently, (up, down, big, little, etc.) and 2 were boys and 2 were girls, I'd say you're gonna have 2 boys (expert that I am) ~~ hehehe I carried 1 son high and 1 son low ~~ go figure!!! Anyway, it's just a guess and we hope they're both healthy and adorable! Whatever!
We're anxiously awaiting ~~
Jeanne & Dave Peeler