Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Ralston" Family Baby Shower

This past Saturday my mom, sisters and friends threw me a WONDERFUL baby shower!  I am so grateful for them and all of their hard work.  It was so much fun seeing friends and family I have not seen in so long.  The food was delicious, the cake was too die for (I seriously ate the left over cake all weekend long) and Julie's famous cookies were so good that people in my family, who I will leave nameless, were fighting over them.  Piper and Phoebe will be the best dressed little baby girls in town.  A special thank you must be given to my sister Natalie for flying out all the way from Maryland.  I was so glad to have both of my sisters there to share in this special day.  It was also very special to have my grandma there too who will be 94 in April.  My girls are going to be so lucky to have Gigi around.

I am 26 weeks now and the belly is growing more and more everyday!  I am feeling great right now and am enjoying every moment of my 2nd trimester (from what I have read and heard the 3rd trimester is not so much fun, especially with twins).

I think I have said before that I am working on the nursery, well that project is still a work in progress. It is amazing to me how slowly I have moved on it.  Time has just gotten away from me.

James and I have an appointment with my OBGYN in two weeks.  We are hoping to get new ultra sound pictures that we can post then.


Holly Lombardo said...

Love their names!

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Loved sharing this day with you! I adore those two babies already and don't forget I am totally willing to come and help when needed. =)

The Calagna Family said...

I as well loved sharing the day with you!!! Piper and Phoebe are 2 lucky little girls. I can not wait to get my baby fix when they arrive! Count me in for helping too!!!! xoxoxo

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

You look amazing Mel, so glad to be there on your special day! I cannot wait to see these sweet girls faces. And their names are the best!