Monday, September 17, 2012

4 Months Old

Happy 4 Month Birthday
Piper and Phoebe!

I can hardly believe that Piper and Phoebe turn 4 months old today!!!  It seems like only yesterday James and I were praying and praying for God to give us a miracle.  He surely delivered and then some! :-)

Piper and Phoebe are both doing SO well.  They love to smile and have their playtime (especially in the morning).  They also love to eat, make baby noises, sing songs with mommy and grammie and listen to music.  Their favorite music to listen to is Disney (Daddy loves this)!!!  If they are grumpy all I need to do is stream Disney music on Pandora and they are as happy and calm as can be.  Yesterday Piper had a big first, she was playing with her Auntie Hillie-Bear when she laughed out loud for the first time.  I think it shocked all of us, but it was wonderful.  I love to see their little personalities grow and develop.

With September comes school.  I'm adjusting to teaching kindergarten (part time) and being a mommy.  Both are major firsts for me but I am happy to say that the transition has been great!  The days that I am at work Phoebe and Piper are either spending time with my mom or their daddy.  Both situations could not be better.  It puts me at ease knowing that Piper and Phoebe are in the best hands possible while I am away.  On the days that I am at home with the girls I am just trying to savor and enjoy every single moment.  They grow SO fast!!!

These babies are for sure pamper and spoiled.  James and I always joke that they have us and everyone around them wrapped around their little fingers.  All they need to do it make a little noise and someone is there eager and ready to hold them.  Last night us girls had some nice bonding time.  I know they both won't be able to fit on my lap like this for too much longer.  I have to enjoy it while I can.

Happy Birthday Phoebe and Piper, mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back!!!

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terenjaxteegan said...

Wooo hooo for your little miracles!