Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trojan Football

Wow, I can hardly believe that fall is almost here!  Even though summer is my all time favorite season for many, many reasons, (warm weather, no school, my birthday, the pool, the beach, Disneyland and on and on I could go) I am looking forward to the fall.  

Some of the reasons I love the fall:
1. Getting dressed up for halloween
2. Back to School clothes shopping
3. Eating Halloween Candy (especially candy corn)
4. Baking with pumpkin
5. Burning fall candles
6. Thanksgiving 

But the main reason I am looking forward to the fall is USC football!!!!  I love watching my Trojans play and this year is even more exciting because James and I get to go to a game.  Wahoo....I can hardly wait!  

Since today is the first USC game of the season I got Piper and Phoebe all dressed up in their USC gear.  Trying to get a picture of both babies smiling and happy at the same time is VERY, VERY hard.  I posted the pictures James and could capture.  I think they turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself)!


terenjaxteegan said...

Look at those smiles and chuny cheeks. xoxo

terenjaxteegan said...

*chunky =)