Monday, January 28, 2013


Poor little Phoebe started the teething process a long, long time ago with no results except for constant drooling.  Our sweet little angel has to wear a bib 24 hours a day to keep the front of her clothes dry.  I am SO excited to report that we finally got to see progress...TEETH (this is the first picture of the teeth, we got thanks to Hillarie's roomate Jodie)!!!  Wahoo!  

Then the other day Piper was chewing on my finger when I realized that she is getting her first tooth too (hopefully I will be able to get a picture of her tooth soon).  I would have never thought she was teething too because she does not drool like her sister.  

This is one of the joys of twins... experiencing the same thing in two totally different ways!!  I love it and thank God for the challenge each and every day.


Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Congrats on the teeth! Very exciting!

Rebecca Titone said...

I am still waiting for Emilia to get teeth! Yay for your girls!

terenjaxteegan said...

Happy Baby! So cute!!!

The Calagna Family said...

SO CUTE!!!!!! I remember keeping a bib on Isabella 24/7 also. So much drool! Love those two bottom teeth :)xo