Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yucky Colds!

This week Phoebe started to come down with a cold...poor baby.  It all started on Tuesday night with a runny nose that just got worse and worse.  Then like any good sister Phoebe decided to share her cold with Piper.  Now both babies are sick and not too happy about it either.  On Thursday night Piper could barely sleep and was waking up every hour crying because she was having such a hard time breathing. James, bless his heart, woke up with her every hour to suction the yucky snot out of her nose since I had to go to work very, very early the next morning.

So the next night while eating dinner, James had the great idea to get a humidifier to place in the babies room at night.  I googled humidifiers/vaporizers right away and from the research I found I was sold.  Right after dinner we headed straight for Target to make our purchase.  With so many choices James and I stood their in the isle for about 20 minutes until we settled on a humidifier that we thought was best.  When we got it home, we tried it out and thought, well here goes nothing!  I am thrilled to report that it worked SUPER!!!  Both babies slept soundly through the entire night.  I am now a true believer in humidifiers and will use it anytime Piper and Phoebe get sick.

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Holly Lombardo said...

I have that same one for the hot and I have a crane for cool mist. I am a huge believer in them too but warning clean them VERY well every week. Otherwise you get black mold and that's no fun. Glad they are on the mend!