Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No Fun-Day Monday!

This Monday was a sad day in the Valencia household...ALL the girls in the house were sick! :-(  I started getting sick on Friday and I clearly passed it on to Piper and Phoebe.  I feel awful about it.  This is the first time a cold has knocked out both girls.  They were so miserable yesterday and my heart was broken.  Thank goodness I had James to help me.

Since I don't have good pictures from yesterday I will post a picture from our fun Friday night date night to our favorite...El Ranchito in Laguna.  It was the babies first visit and they had so much fun!

Phoebe @ our Cinco de Mayo celebration at church

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Rebecca Titone said...

OMG I can't even see straight that picture of Phoebe with the mustache is so cute!
I hope y'all feel better soon. It is so sad when the babies are sick. (and mommies too!)