Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 28...Third Trimester, Really??

Wow, what a day!!  It seriously felt like I was in a doctor's office or in a waiting room waiting for the doctor all day long.  Thank goodness for Spring Break and extra time.  If I was working right now I would have been in big trouble. Ok, complaining time is done. :-)

James and I got to see our precious twins today which was such a wonderful treat!  The babies are looking good, moving and kicking up a storm.  I know I am going to miss the kicking feeling when the babies are no longer safe and quiet inside my belly.  So I was about to leave my OBGYN appointment feeling good when the doctor wanted the ultra sound tech to do a few more measurements.  That lead to the craziness that ended up being the rest of my afternoon.  After spending more time in the ultra sound room I saw my wonderful OBGYN again.  He came in and said, I am 99% sure everything is fine but I would like to send you right over to the Perinatologist just to double check the umbilical cord blood flow.  Being the good patient that I am I walked myself over to the specialist's office and proceeded to wait FOREVER to see the doctor.  In the end it was totally worth the wait.  I adore Dr. Posner, he was wonderful, patient, and filled with a ton of great information.  He spent so much time with me doing extensive measurements of the babies and the umbilical cord.  I am SO pleased to report that the babies are just fine.  All of the numbers and measurements were normal.  To me "normal" is awesome!!!

I am scheduled to go back and see my OBGYN in two weeks.  Maybe this time both twins will show their precious little faces.  This time around one of the twins was being very stubborn and not cooperating.  I hate to say it but it sounds a bit like me!


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

I love them already and you too! Good mama for following the Dr. & yay for a wonderful OBGYN, it makes all the difference.

Noelle said...

So happy to hear the Drs. are watching things so closely. You can let go to just rest, have baby showers and enjoy this time with James and your little ones...well, and teach, too. We saw you on Easter, but at a distance. You're looking fantastic. Thank you for sharing this experience with your church family. Love to all.

juan and candy said...

I love Dr. Posner! He delivered our second daughter! Glad things are going well!