Thursday, May 3, 2012

31 Weeks

WOW, it has been way too long since I last updated the blog.  James and I have been very, very busy.  We have taken a couple of baby classes at Mission Hospital.  I have LOVED them all.  The teacher who has taught most of the classes is hilarious.  I think the whole process of child birth is SO amazing.  I am sure I will be feeling different once I am in the middle of all the pain.  The classes have just confirmed that James and I made the right choice to deliver at Mission.

In addition to classes Phoebe, Piper and me have been showered with love and super fun baby stuff.  I feel so loved and blessed to have such amazing family, friends and church family.

The nursery is still not done...YIKES!  James (aka my Hero) stepped up in awesome daddy fashion and has set up a day to paint the nursery and move a ton of our things to storage.  I am very excited for this huge step to be done.  Then I can move forward and organize.  I know most women go through a "nesting" period but I have heard that with twins the "nesting" goes right out the window because the pregnant mommies are too tired.

I sent my sweet sister Natalie a recent photo of my belly and this is the response I got..."Holy Cow!  It looks like you are smuggling a red handball in your stomach."  I laughed so hard, but she is seriously right.  I love the belly but my back does not.  I have learned all to well what Sciatica is.  The pain only stops when I am sitting down.  If I had an office job that would be great, but being a 2nd grade teacher makes things very interesting.
Here is a picture of all the "expecting" momma's from Rancho Capistrano.  (I personally know we are missing some so this picture is not complete).

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