Friday, May 4, 2012

32 Weeks and LOTS of changes

This week has been the most eventful week in my pregnancy thus far.  I got word from my doctor that Friday, May 4th was to be my last day of work.  In my mind that was fine.  State testing would be done and I would have time to say good-bye, pack some more things and meet with my wonderful long term sub.  Funny how my plans got changed so very fast.
During my appointment on Monday they did an umbilical cord blood flow read and my doctor was a little concerned with the number his tech got.  He wanted to be sure so he made an appointment for me with Dr. Posner (a specialist) just to be on the safe side.  Being the good patient that I am I went to my appointment with Dr. Posner.  Long story short, while at his office they found that I was having some minor contractions but that the umbilical cord flow was fine and the babies heart rates were fine too.  My OBGYN is very careful about everything so he sent me over to Labor and Delivery at Mission to be monitored until they got the test results back to see if I had the "labor" protein.
My experience at Mission was wonderful.  Everyone was so great to James and I.  I think it was a good practice run for the real thing.  I spent about 2 hours at the hospital being monitored for contractions.  After a shot, some rest and great news that I was not going into labor I was sent home on bed rest.  That meant no more work for the rest of the year.  That was not what I had planned but thank goodness for an amazing principal, teaching team and other school staff that worked everything out for me.  My long term sub took over faster then she had planned and I am confident that my students are being well taken care of.
I had another appointment with my OBGYN this week and he told me that Phoebe and Piper are at the correct gestational age, they are just a bit small.  He wants me to rest in order to help the babies put on weight and also to be sure that their placenta's are functioning properly.  I am now going to the doctor twice a week for checks.  I love that my doctor is very careful and will be watching my girls so closely.  I am confident that everything will be fine and that the girls are going to continue to grow and thrive.

Dr. Posner took this picture Phoebe and Piper, as he put it "butting heads"!  Oh no it has already started.  He also had a hard time getting some of his reading because these girls are extremely feisty.  They are constantly moving and kicking.  I honestly love it and will miss it one day.


Unknown said...

From an old OB/GYN nurse's perspective, I'd say you are in wonderful hands! I've also been on the PG bedrest routine when I was PG with Abbie beginning at 4mo gestation. It isn't easy but so worth the effort. Hang in there!
Auntie Robin

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Yay! Your belly looks wonderful! I am glad to hear about your great doctor and hospital. Love to you and your sweet girls, and James too! I cannot wait to meet them!

terenjaxteegan said...

So glad everything is ok, now work on resting and making those little girls chunky monkeys before they come out to meet us all!!! Love ya three girls, and James too. :)