Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Pictures...

Ok, so I have totally turned into a CRAZY picture taking mom.  I seriously can't help myself.  Everything they do is just so cute! :-)

On Friday, my dad aka G-Dad, got to see the Piper and Phoebe for the very first time.  I loved watching him look at the babies.  I could tell he was in love with them in an instant!

Here are a few more pictures from Friday as well.  Beginning with the babies is so calming and relaxing that James fell asleep.  SO cute, I had to take a picture of two of my "babies"! ;-)

Today (Saturday) was amazing!!  My mom and I went to the hospital to see Piper and Phoebe.  When I got there I met our nurse for today.  She was INCREDIBLE and a lactation specialist too.  It was my lucky day.  She suggested that I try to breast feed for the very first time.  Both girls were super tired for their morning feedings so we were nervous that they would not be awake enough to feed.  To our surprise both girls were wide awake, hungry and ready to go.  With the help of the nurse I was able to feed both babies.  Phoebe went first and did a great job.  Piper was second and she was a ROCK STAR!  It was such a wonderful experience for all of us. 

Piper is on the left, waiting patiently for her food.  She figured her fingers would be the next best thing. Phoebe is on the right and worn out after her very first breast feeding session.


Nick and Lindsay Henry said...

Congrats Melanie on your two beautiful baby girls! My son Cole was also a "34-weeker" and born at 5 lbs. You are so blessed to be able to nurse both your girls. I waited too long to try to nurse Cole and he decided the bottle was much easier. So I pumped...and pumped...and pumped for almost 12 months. I pumped at Disneyland, Palm Springs, airports, airplanes, and on a boat in the British Virgin Islands just to make sure I could provide my little guy with the best nutrition possible (and now he's 24 lbs at 13 months!). Congratulations again! Children are truly God's miracle.

terenjaxteegan said...

Keep the pics coming!!! Jax just checked them out and said, "Those are some cute looking babies!" We love you all! So proud of your lil' girls' progress.

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Yay for breast feeding. Love you and those girls!