Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Milestones...

Today I walked into Phoebe and Piper's room to a wonderful surprise.  Both girls have been taken off all their IV fluids....WAHOO!  This is a HUGE step for them.  When I saw our wonderful nurse she told me another piece of good news, as of tonight at 6:00 pm the girls will no longer need to be under the jaundice lights.  I think both milestones are showing just how much progress Piper and Phoebe are making.  I am one proud mommy!!  Since they are both girls are off their IV's and they no longer need their jaundice lights James and I get to bring clothes to the hospital to dress them in.  Here a few pictures of premie clothes that the girls will wear.

After feeding Phoebe her bottle today and holding her for awhile, the nurse brought Piper over to see her sister.  It was so cute to see Piper listening and looking over at her sister Phoebe.  I then got to hold both of the girls together.  What a tremendous blessing!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of this milestone but Piper spit up (just missing Phoebe by less than an inch) and we had to take care of her.

Overall, today was an amazing day!  I can hardly wait until tomorrow.


Caitlin Rodriguez said...

So sweet! I am happy to hear that they are doing so well. Those outfits are too cute.

terenjaxteegan said...

Look at those adorable baby clothes. I LOVE THEM! So proud of your girls, they are strong lil' women just like their mama. When you can, take more pics of the munchkins...since we can't see them for awhile I can live through pics. XOXO