Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Week Old!

Today was another great day for little Piper and Phoebe Valencia.  When I got to their room I found them both sleeping away in their cozy isolates.  Since I was not prepared for them to be wearing clothes last night the hospital provided them with some super cute little outfits.  I LOVED the monkey's on Phoebe's outfit!  My nickname growing up was monkey so it was perfect.

The doctor stopped by and told me that he upped both of the girls feedings in order to give them more calories each day.  Phoebe and Piper have been labeled as "grower and feeders".  Which means that they are both doing great, health wise, they just need time to grow more and learn how to feed better.

James got to the hospital just in time today to feed Phoebe and learn how to burp her.  Daddy was a great student and he did a super job.  I am so lucky to have such a great husband!  In addition to feeding and burping James changed his very first poopy diaper.  Yes you read that correctly.  He jumped right in and got to work.  Pretty impressive, huh?  This is only the beginning of feeding and diapering.  James and I are going to be doing that a TON once the babies are home!


Melanie Brodnik said...

A great big congratulations and much love to Piper Rose and Phoebe June and to mom and dad from Aunt Melanie and Uncle Marty. I love your blog and following the progress of your lovely little babies and their entry to the world. So sweet and beautiful. I look forward to seenig more pictures and of course getting to see them in person in the future,
Much love and kisses to all of you, Aunt Melanie

terenjaxteegan said...

Loving the updates, keep 'em coming! You both look like PROS! You all look like you are doing AWESOME!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Yay for diapers and milky! So happy to see these updates. Those girls are so cute. I love your little family!

The Calagna Family said...

So precious and adorable!!!! Love them :)

Rebecca Titone said...

Wow you and James look beautiful as parents. My heart overflows for you both with every update. And the girls new jammies are adorable, how perfect wtith your nickname. I know I can't express enough the true happiness I feel for you.