Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome Piper Rose and Phoebe June

On Thursday, May 17th James and I welcomed our precious twin girls, Piper Rose and Phoebe June into the world.  I was scheduled to have a C Section at 11:30am.  After a short delay I was wheeled into the operating room, excited and ready to meet my girls.  Everything went great!  When my doctor pulled out baby A (Piper) she immediately began to scream and cry.  It was one of the best sounds I have ever heard.    It was music to my ears!  She sounded just like a little baby ducky.  James and I could no longer hold back the tears, they just flowed down both of our faces.  Then a few minutes later the doctor pulled out baby B (Phoebe) and she began to scream and cry just like her sister.  We now heard little ducky cries in stereo sound.
James was super brave the whole time.  He walked over to our brand new baby girls and cut both of the umbilical cords.  I was so very proud of him!  He then went up to the NICU with Piper and Phoebe while I got stitched up.

After spending some time in recovery I too got to make a visit up to the NICU to see Piper and Phoebe.  I was amazed to see that both girls were breathing all on their own!  I was honestly expecting the worst and was so pleased and thankful when that did not happen.  I even got to hold Phoebe skin on skin.  What an amazing experience!!  I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.
My visit in the NICU was extremely short but very sweet.  From the NICU I was wheeled down to the room that I would heal and recover in.  I was shocked at how amazing and beautiful my room was.  There was a nice place for James to sleep, a flat screen TV, two sinks and a HUGE shower!  I was in heaven.


Rebecca Titone said...

Congratulation! They are beautiful, I am so happy for you and James. They will be home in no time. :)

The Calagna Family said...

CRYING!!!!!!! They are so beautiful! I am so overjoyed for you both and I CAN NOT wait to meet Piper and Phoebe. Love your family of 4!!!! xoxox

terenjaxteegan said...

Look at Piper sucking away on that paci. Sooooooo cute! I cannot wait to meet them both!

Holly Lombardo said...

I'm sitting in my office with tears of joy for those little ducky voices making their beautiful noise in this world. Congrats to you both, those gals are beautiful!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Congrats Mel, so happy for you all! They are beautiful!