Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Care Center

Thanks to my friend Holly our weekly visits to Disneyland have become SOOO much nicer.  She clued me in on an awesome service/room that both Disneyland and California Adventure offer to its park guests.  This amazing service/room I am talking about is the Baby Care Center.  Inside the Baby Care Center are HUGE changing tables, a private nursing room for mommies and babies only, a microwave, filtered water, high chairs, toddler potties, a coloring table and a selection of baby items you can purchase such as formula and diapers (mommy must haves).  Apparently, this room has been open in Disneyland from the very first day the park opened.  I personally think Walt was far ahead of his time and a genius for setting up this room.

James and I had to take a picture with baby Walt Disney

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Holly Lombardo said...

I only WISH I had one of those changing tables at my house! Best storefront at the park!