Saturday, December 29, 2012

Phoebe and Piper's 1st Christmas

This year our growing family kicked off Christmas by spending Christmas Eve at one of our favorite places...Saddleback Rancho Capistrano!  It was a LONG day for both Piper and Phoebe but I have to say they were such troopers.  Thank goodness for our amazing church family who stepped up in a major way to help me take care of both girls while daddy was working very, very hard.

Christmas morning this year was very mellow.  James and I fed the babies as usual and then they took their morning nap while I made us breakfast.  We both laughed as we ate together thinking that this is the last year we will have a peaceful Christmas morning breakfast!

I just had to make James and Mickey pancake...his favorite!
After morning nap time was done James and I got the girls up and it was time to open presents.  It was so funny to watch the girls try to rip the paper off of the packages.  Once we helped them all they wanted to do was play with the wrapping paper and not the toys.  Both girls LOVED the green crinkly paper that their Nonie used in some of the gifts to them.  They would not stop fighting over it.

That afternoon James and I packed up the car (it is amazing how many things two babies need) and headed over to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with my mom, dad, two sisters and two brother in laws.  We had a great time as always!  The food was amazing and Piper and Phoebe got spoiled beyond belief.  I don't know who had more fun opening up and playing with the toys, James and I or the girls?!?

We also got some great news from my sister Natalie and her husband Mike (who currently live in Maryland and were visiting with their dog Tank for Christmas). Mike got a job out here in California so they will be moving back home very, very soon!  We were all thrilled and can't wait to have them home.  I think James is especially excited to have his new best buddy Tank close by!

This Christmas was filled with so many wonderful firsts and blessings.  I can hardly wait to see what next year has in store for all of us!


terenjaxteegan said...

Oh I a so happy for your sister!!!! Yay for them moving back. I am sure everyone is beyond thrilled. Your Christmas sounded amazing, and yes, next Christmas will be much different, but in a good way. Love ya mama! Happy New Year.

Holly Lombardo said...

i loved that stage with present opening! The girls look so beautiful, glad you had a wonderful day and exciting news with your family!