Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rice Cereal, Oatmeal & Peas

I have honestly been so excited since the doctor told me I could give Piper and Phoebe rice cereal.  I have googled it, looked at a TON of websites and finally settled on a recipe that I thought was best.  After searching several different grocery stores to find short grained organic brown rice I was finally ready to go.  I followed the directions of the recipe very closely (even though it is the easiest thing on earth to make) as I wanted to get it just right for my sweet girls.  I mixed the cereal with some formal, a familiar taste for them, and got set to go.

Both girls were less than thrilled about their rice cereal experience.  Piper was more interested in smiling at her daddy and I thought Phoebe was going to gag up the cereal several times.  Don't worry, I am not going to give up.  We will keep trying a little bit every day.  I will not give up! :-)

I have been trying to post the videos of the girls trying the rice cereal and it will not upload because the videos are too long. :-(

So I tried the rice cereal for several days and each time Piper and Phoebe did not like it.  Tonight (per recommendation from a couple mommy friends) I decided to try organic oatmeal instead.  I am happy to say that Phoebe really liked the oatmeal and Piper thought it was just ok.

Since rice cereal and oatmeal were not a huge hit for Piper I decided that I needed to try some veggies.  I am really trying hard to find something that my sweet little Piper will like.  When we were little and having dinner at Auntie Margie's house she always told us, "Eat your peas!"  That is one of my sister Hillarie's fondest memories of hanging out at Auntie Margie's.  I think it is funny!

I bought some organic frozen peas and busted out my super cool Baby Breeza!  I LOVED using the Breeza.  It was super easy.  Above are some short videos of the girls trying peas for the first time.  Just like with the other foods, Phoebe liked the peas and Piper did not.  I am not going to give up with Piper, I am determined to find food she will like!

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terenjaxteegan said...

Both my boys HATED rice cereal and oatmeal. Jax loved peas too and Teegs was all about the applesauce. Good job mama and keep trying. =)