Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

The babies first Easter was very, very special.  We started our morning bright and early (I don't think Phoebe and Piper appreciate my early wake up call however, they were good sports) to get ready in our easter best.  After getting dressed we headed over to Saddleback Rancho Capistrano to see James give the sunrise Easter message.  WOW....he did an incredible job.  I could not be more proud of my sweetheart!
After church I headed home so Piper and Phoebe could nap and I could start cooking.  On a side note...I have come down with the worst sinus infection I have ever had in my life.  It causes me to cough all night and I have lost one of the most important things to sense of taste.  I love food and it rips the joy of out eating.  All that to say is I made yummy food that I couldn't even taste/ hoo for me.  Ok the pity party for one is over. :-)

The rest our Easter was spent playing, eating, and me trying to relax.  I love that my hubby works his booty off and then comes home and tries his best to take care of me and the babies.  I am a very blessed girl!
The girls ended up with two Easter outfits this year.  The first outfit was given to us at one of my baby showers.  I have been saving them for a long time until they fit.  

The second outfits/onesies were made especially for Piper and Phoebe by my sweet friend Erin.  Both girls especially LOVED the bows on the onesies.  They loved them so much that we had to keep their cute Easter bibs on them most of the day (from Grammie) so they couldn't see the fun bow.
Thank you Grammie for our cute bibs!

James and I ended our crazy busy night by watching the final installment of the amazing mini-series The Bible.  WOW!!!  I think Mark Burnett did a wonderful job with the whole series.  I learned so much and I really felt how much God loves me (and all of us) through the visuals that the movie provided.  If you haven't seen the mini-series I would highly suggest you watch!


The Calagna Family said...

Happy 1st Easter to those beautiful babies!!!!! We ended up going on vacation this week (left Sunday evening) so I missed the last installment. I can't wait to watch it when I get home!!! I'm so sorry about your sinus infection. Hope you feel better SOON!!!!! Love you! Xo

Holly Lombardo said...

boo for that sinus infection :( hope you start to feel better soon and regain that sense of TASTE!!! Your girls look adorable and you look beautiful in your pic too! Happy Easter - or as Tay would say "Happy Birthday Easter!"