Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Months Old

Time sure does fly by when you are a busy mommy of twins!  I can hardly believe that Piper and Phoebe turn 5 months old today.  It seems like it was SO long ago when I was living in the hospital and it seems even longer ago when James and I were going back and forth to CHOC each day to visit our precious little miracles.

To look at Phoebe and Piper today I would never ever think that these two girls were only 3 pounds when they were born.  To me they are SO, SO, SO big!  Both girls love to have their play time in the morning.  They wake up smiling and don't stop all morning long.  They have also discovered their "softies", special blankets that their Grammie bought them.  Phoebe especially loves to give her softie a full body hug.  Both girls are pretty much over their passies, which is fine with me. Piper sucks her thumb once in awhile and Phoebe likes to suck on her fingers occasionally.  

I also have to add a picture to this blog post of Phoebe and Piper's new little bestie Katie Reese.  Katie arrived yesterday (October 16th, almost exactly 5 months after Piper and Phoebe) to her wonderful parents and our dear friends Dave and Theresa Goldenberg.  I can hardly wait to watch these three little girls grow up together!

Katie Reese Goldenberg 

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The Calagna Family said...

5 MONTHS! I can not believe it. Time is flying for me too! They are just too adorable! I love their onsies each month :) And Katie Resse is ADORABLE! xoxo