Monday, October 15, 2012

Cousin Time

This weekend Piper, Phoebe, Grammie, and I went to hang out with some of our extended family (Aunite Margie, Auntie Laurie, my cousins Melissa, Kristen, her baby Cash, Katie and her baby Jayden).  We had a blast!!!  It is crazy to have all of the babies together and to see my mom and her sisters as grandma's.  They are the youngest, best looking Grannies I have ever seen. :-)

Auntie Margie holding Cash, Grammie holding Phoebe & Piper, Auntie Laurie holding Jayden

My cousin Melissa and her BBQ talented hubby Scott made us a delicious lunch.  Thank you VERY much!  They were also more than happy to help hold Piper and Phoebe.  Scott was a good sport even during the football game.

During our visit together we of course had to take a ton of pictures.  When my cousins and I were little and gathered for the holidays our mom's always made us take a million pictures.  Well now that they are grandma's nothing has changed.  My mom is too cute!!  She bought special outfits for Piper and Phoebe to wear, she made them headbands and she bought some fabric to use as the back drop for picture taking.  Here are just some of the pictures she took during the babies photo shoot.

Baby Cash & Baby Jayden

I love my family and can't wait to get together with everyone again soon!

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