Tuesday, October 23, 2012

USC Kick Study--Part 2

On Monday my dear friend Erin and I took Phoebe and Piper up to the USC Health Sciences Campus to participate in the 2nd part of a kick study being conducted by a PhD student there (the first part of the study was done when the girls were 1 month old, according to their gestational age).  She was measuring how much force babies exert when they kick.  The information she is gathering will hopefully help her to find ways to give early interventions for babies with Cerebral Palsy.

Both girls were so good during the study!  They didn't even mind all the straps and other things that were connected to them.  After the kick study the girls were weighed and measure (my favorite part because I like to see how BIG they are getting).  Piper is now 12 pounds 2.6 ounces and Phoebe is close behind her at 11 pounds 13 ounces.  Both girls were about 23 inches long.

Phoebe enjoying being weighed

After the girls were sized Barbara conducted a quick check on their developmental skills.  Both girls performed great!

I really enjoyed have Phoebe and Piper be a part of this study and was so excited to help out our favorite college, and Piper and Phoebe's future alma mater! 

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terenjaxteegan said...

Yay for growing girls! Love them.