Friday, August 17, 2012

3 Months Old

WOW, time sure does fly when you are busy mommy of twin girls!  I can hardly believe that Piper and Phoebe are 3 months old today.  Happy Birthday girls, mommy and daddy love you so very much.

James and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful baby girls.  They hardly ever cry (unless they are hungry or want to be where the action is) and will travel anywhere.  So glad we splurged a little bit on the stroller, it was worth every penny.  As the girls are getting older it is very fun to see their little personalities forming.  I love how different each girl is and I can't wait to celebrate those differences as they grow older.

A little mommy milestone occurred this week that I am proud to share.  After having a wonderful lunch with my old teaching team I took Piper and Phoebe to the grocery store.  Something that seems small, but to me it was a huge deal.  Instead of pushing a grocery cart I brought the girls in the store in their stroller.  I packed the stroller full of as many groceries as I could, I even did the self check out.  I was in and out in a pretty decent amount of time.  Go me!  Who knows what else I can conquer.  The skies the limit! :-)


terenjaxteegan said...

Wooo hoooo! That is a HUGE accomplishment, believe me I understand. Love ya!

Unknown said...

I remember shopping in target with a screaming baby who could not be consoled! Good job, Mommy! I can't believe the girls are three months old already! They're growing so fast! Xoxo, Theresa

Holly Lombardo said...

that is a HUGE thing! Happy 3 mo to your gorgeous babies!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Woo hoo, good job Mel, I am super proud of you! Happy 3 months to the girls!