Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our New Friends

On Thursday Piper, Phoebe and I got to meet our new friend Robert (AKA Wu Ju or Little Rob).  We have been waiting to meet this handsome little guy for such a LONG, LONG time.  Our dear friends Rob and Julie adopted Robert all the way from Korea.

Our visit with Robert was such a joy!!  As soon as Robert laid his eyes on the babies (especially Phoebe) he was hooked.  I LOVED watching him love on the girls.  He even gave them little kisses on their toes.  Talk about a melting heart.  We can't wait to play with Robert again soon!

Today, was a VERY special day, not only because we got to spend the day with family at an awesome beach house on Balboa Island, but because we got to met a new member of our extended family baby Cash.  Cash is my cousin Clayton and his beautiful wife Kristen's first son.  We can hardly wait for more visits with this handsome little guy and for the arrival of another playmate, my cousin Katie's baby boy Jayden.

We love our dear friends and family!!!


terenjaxteegan said...

Ohhhhh the picsture of Robert touching the babies is perfect!!! Sooooo cute!

terenjaxteegan said...