Friday, August 3, 2012

Thumb Sucking

Ok... so some of you might think I am crazy but I would really love it if Phoebe and Piper learned how to suck their thumbs. I'm not sure if it's because I was a major thumb sucker or just a great way for a baby to self sooth (all kids get braces these days anyways).  Right now Piper and Phoebe both take a passie and when they spit it out on accident they cry and cry until we put it back in their mouths.  If they would only use their thumbs instead we wouldn't have to worry about missing passies.  That's my crazy logic. ;-)

So with that being said my mom caught Phoebe today with her thumb inside her passie.  It was too cute for words!  I think I both girls are getting closer, only time will tell.

I had to add this picture in just because.  So blessed to have such a loving family that helps me and love me and my babies SOOOOOOO much!

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Unknown said...

Haley was a thumb sucker ad we loved it! She never lost it and always knew where to find it. Lol. She stopped when she was 4 because we told her ahead of time that four year olds dont suck their thumbs. (her dentist had told us it was time to stop because her plates were starting to shift). And so far teeth are coming in nice and straight. So I say thumb sucking rocks! And, btw, both of these pics are soooo super cute!! Xoxo, Theresa