Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Piper and Phoebe wearing their very special onesies made by Grammie to celebrate my special day

The birthday celebrating actually began on Monday and will continue all week long. Man am I a lucky girl!!!  James watched the babies in the morning so I could get a pedicure then my amazing mom watched the babies in the afternoon so James & I could have a day date at Disneyland.  It was SO great to be back there. It had seriously been months since our last visit.

This morning (my actual birthday) I woke up to breakfast in bed instead of crying babies. James makes the best cereal ever! He knows how to pour just the right amount of almond milk! ;-)  Later that morning my dear friend Theresa came over to help me feed babies and to take me out to lunch for my birthday.  I had such an amazing time!  Thank you Theresa such a great afternoon, you are such a great friend!

When I got home Piper and Phoebe got some sister play time in.  Here are a few cute pictures of what my babies like to do to one another when they are "playing".  Poor Piper was such a good sport.  This time she was on the receiving end but sometimes she is the one dishing it out to Phoebe so it all evens out.

After play time I was hungry so I made James and I some pizza....YUMMY!

James pizza with Pepperoni and Olives--My pizza gluten/dairy free with peppers and black olives.  
Too good if I do say so myself!

My awesome birthday night ended with delicious gluten free lemon cookies (I think I ate a dozen) and delicious See's Chocolate care of my sweet heart James (he bought me all my favorites).

I enjoyed being 32 years old and can hardly wait to see what this next year has in store for me! <3

The backside of the onesies are just as cute as the front!


The Calagna Family said...

Your Mom is the best onsie maker ever!!!!!!!! I love those :)

Happy Birthday my dear friend. I love you so much. As I cleaned out my college memories/photos last week...I had so many wonderful messages from you and some awesome photos ;)


terenjaxteegan said...

Val rocks! You deserved an awesome day and you look as beautiful now as you did when I met you at 18!!!

Holly Lombardo said...

So Sweet! And I love seeing how big your beautiful girls are, that pic of the 3 of you is adorable! Happy 33rd!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Pretty Girl! I love you and wish you the best year!