Friday, June 22, 2012

Auntie Natalie and Uncle Mikey

Auntie Natalie and Uncle Mikey flew in this morning from Maryland for a 10 day visit.  I have seriously been counting down the days for this visit for months.  I miss my sister very much and wish she didn't live so far away.

In preparation for this visit I made sure to pick out clothes for the girls that Natalie and Mikey bought them.  The outfits are newborn and still a little big but Piper and Phoebe are getting there.  Both girls are working hard to pack on the pounds (I am a very proud momma)!

Piper sucking on her sister's finger

In honor of Natalie's visit we decided to go out for Mexican food (For those of you who don't know my family and I we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mexican food.  Natalie and Mike have only yucky Mexican food back in Maryland so she always gets her fix when she comes to visit).  I have never taken the girls out (expect for our quick trips to the pediatrician) so I was a little nervous to say the least.  We chose a local restaurant that I know the owners and know it is not crowded.  I loaded the girls in the car and we took off for some yummy food.  I kept the girls covered up in their little car seats and it went great!  Phoebe and Piper slept the entire time, my food was delicious, I was so glad I went.  Most importantly it was so nice to get out and be a "normal" person.  Being inside all day can drive a new mommy crazy. :-)

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terenjaxteegan said...

YAY for getting out! The girls look adorable in their little outfits.