Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BIG day at Rancho Capistrano!

Last Sunday was a very, very big day at Rancho Capistrano.  It started out with not one but both of my younger sisters getting baptized by James.  What a cool experience to see my sweetheart baptizing MY very own sisters.  Natalie went first so she could help James baptize Hillarie.  I am so very proud of my sisters and the huge commitment they made.

After the baptisms James and I had the privilege/honor of introducing Piper and Phoebe to the 11:00 am church service at Saddleback Rancho Capistrano.  James was so cute, he had everything planned out for the morning so that the babies would be safe and not exposed to a lot of germies.  Trish (one of my most amazing volunteers/people I have met in my life) and I each had a baby and were waiting behind the stage for the band to finish up their singing.  As we waited I thought for sure the extremely loud music would either scare the babies or wake them up.  Well my dear sweet Piper slept through the music without even a little flinch.  Phoebe, who I thought would be scared, because she freaked out at the garbage truck the day before, did pretty well with the music.  It wasn't until James got up on the stage and started his announcements that she decided to start fussing.  I was trying so hard to keep her quite so she would not interrupt Daddy's job.  It was actually too cute.  Then the time came and James had us bring the babies out.  We were greeted with applause and an outpouring of love that was indescribable.  I LOVE my church family and feel SO honored to be apart of something so amazing.


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

What a HUGE day full of great and exciting things. So happy for you and your family.

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

What a wondeful experience. So happy for you all.