Sunday, June 10, 2012

Car Seat Challenge

On Friday the nurse taking care of Piper and Phoebe asked me to please bring in one of the girls car seats.  This was very exciting news!  It meant that Piper was ready for her Car Seat Challenge.  What is a Car Seat Challenge you ask?  Well I can tell you...before NICU babies can go home they need to sit in their car seat for 90 minutes with out any problems or issues.  I am very happy to report that Piper had her car seat challenge on Saturday night and she passed with flying colors.

Today, Piper had her last NICU test which was a hearing screening.  Again, I am thrilled to say that Piper passed with no problems at all.  All of this exciting news means that Piper is very, very close to coming home with James and I.  Wahoo, praise Jesus!  Now even though this news is super duper exciting it also poses a challenge for us.  Once a NICU baby is released they are not allowed back into CHOC.  James and I will have to juggle one baby at home and one still in CHOC for a bit longer until Phoebe comes home.  Please pray for us that we can figure out a good plan and that things don't get too crazy.


I could not leave our little Phoebe out of this post.  Here is my new favorite picture of Phoebe smiling with her Daddy.  I have a feeling these girls will be Daddy's girls for sure! <3


terenjaxteegan said...

Oh my! This picture brings on the water works. I love that gummy smile. YAY for the carseat and hearing challenges, and I am sure you will be able to juggle to the baby at home/hospital thing. Prayers mama. Love ya all!

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Gosh that is a happy baby! James' smile is pretty amazing too! I know everything will work out the way God intends. Love!