Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big News...

Monday was a very big day for the Valencia family.  Not only did Grammie have her retirement party but Piper was released from CHOC that day too!!!  WAHOO!!!  Prayers have been answered.  

Piper loaded up in her wagon on the way to the elevator.  Such a BIG girl!
I am thrilled to report that Piper has been doing AWESOME at home.  She is a great baby!  She sleeps the day away and only cries when she is ready to eat.  James and I could not ask for more.  The only bummer about the whole situation is that Phoebe is still at CHOC.  As of Tuesday James and I have started the major juggling act of being at home for Piper while trying to be at CHOC for Phoebe.  Thanks to both James and my wonderful mom, I have been able to do both.  Phoebe is doing really well and it should not be too much longer before she gets to join us at home.  I pray for that day and can hardly wait until it is a reality.

Today, Piper had her very first visit to the pediatrician, Dr. Ball.  She slept the entire car ride to and from the doctor's office and she was such a good patient while we were there.  The doctor said she looks great.  I could not ask for more.  She is now 5 pounds 1 and 1/2 ounces.  I can hardly believe she was once only 3 pounds 15 ounces.  That seems like such a long long time ago!


Megan said...

Aw, so so exciting and God praising! I remember the day we brought Kaleiah home (she came home first) and it was SURREAL!!! I remember like it was yesterday! Fortunately her brother Kaden came home the very next dy so we didn't have the juggling act that you do and so my heart goes out to you as I know that must be tough. It was SO HARD for us to leave one behind and take one home :( But God's timing is perfect as He proved throughout our entire, extremely frightening journey and I am sure He has proven that to you as well :)
Phoebe will be home in no time! And then its a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME!!! Again, please let us know if you need anything once you have boh home, Randy and I know FIRST HAND what it's like being brand new parents to premature twins. We'd love to bring you over a meal, we'll just leave it on your front step.
Blessings, Megan

Dr. Clare Albright, Psychologist and Neurofeedback Practitioner said...

Piper is home! Phoebe is gettin' ready! I can't wait to meet these lil' rose buds. xo

Holly Lombardo said...

SO exciting!

Nick and Lindsay Henry said...

Congrats on bringing Piper home! She looks too cute in that big carseat. I remember when we brought Cole home at 4 lbs 10 oz. It looked like he was swimming in his carseat. I'm so happy to hear you choose Dr. Ball for a pediatrician. We choose him as our pediatrician also when we found out his daughter was born 6 week early. He has great insight into the premature baby!
Blessings, Lindsay

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Oh my! I am so happy for you! This is so exciting! Love you and your strong girls.