Monday, June 18, 2012

Phoebe & Daddy Go to the Doctor

Today was Phoebe's first appointment with Dr. Ball.  James and I packed both girls in the car (this time I thought to bring a diaper bag with all the baby essentials which I totally forgot when I brought Piper to see Dr. Ball) and we were off.  I knew I was tired when I pulled up to a building, James and I got both girls out of the car and only to realize that we were at the wrong building.  So James and I laughed really hard and put the girls back in the car, drove down the road to the next building and repeated the whole process again (it was good practice since we are new at the whole car seat stuff).

Once in the examining room Phoebe decided she was not happy and started to cry really, really loud.  It was actually kinda cute.  James and I got a picture of it to share. :-)  Phoebe has grown SO much and the scale proved it.  She is now 4 pounds 14 ounces.  That girl wakes up every 3 hours on the dot ready to eat.  I love her drive to grow and catch up to her sister.

While we were at the doctor James and I thought it would be a good idea for him to get his Dtap shot (this shot helps to protect Phoebe and Piper from getting pretussis) .  I got mine while in the hospital and they really recommend that all new parents get the shot.  James was very brave!

After Piper's first visit to Dr. Ball he wanted to see both girls in two weeks for another appointment just to weigh them.  Well I am SUPER excited to say that he told me to cancel that appointment because both girls were doing so well.  He was shocked when I told him how much they were eating at each feeding.  He was also very pleased that I have not had to give them formula yet.  That is something that makes me extremely happy too!


Rebecca Titone said...

I am so happy how fast your girls are growing! And you have amazing booby milk, enough for both of them! Kudos to you, it makes me a little jealous. ; )
God bless you all, and I love your updates. Xox

The Calagna Family said...

HAHAH - Rebecca's comment made me laugh out loud! Love it. The picture of her crying is priceless. I will be back on July 8, so I will be making a date with you. Since Cait has Friday's off, maybe that will work out for all of us? I can't wait to hold those little ones!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

terenjaxteegan said...

Wooooo hooo for healthy kiddos. I love the pic of James, haha. =)