Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TWO Cribs!!

When I got to CHOC this morning Piper and Phoebe had two big changes.  The first change was in their location.  Prior to now Phoebe and Piper had their very own private room in the PICU.  Yesterday James and I were told that a set of sick twin boys needed our room so they were moving us to another part of the PICU.  I was very happy to give up our room to two babies in need but sad to lose the privacy.  The girls are now in an open area that is a lot smaller.  The great part about the move is that it puts us one step closer to the door (literally speaking) and one step closer to going home.

Another change, the most exciting change, I found was that Phoebe was in a crib and no longer needed her isolate.  Wahoo!!!!!  At this point all Piper needs to do is take all of her feeds from a bottle and then she will come home (she is getting closer and closer every day).  Phoebe has a little bit more work to do.  She has to be off caffeine for 5 days (she is on that to help develop her nervous system), today was day one and she needs to take all of her feeds from a bottle like Piper.

James and I are very eager to have both girls come home, but not before they are ready.  No dates have been set for the girls to come home.  Right now we are just taking each day to learn more and more from our wonderful nurses at CHOC.


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

They look so cozy and peaceful. It makes me cry happy tears to consistently hear of all their accomplishments. Go Phoebe and Piper, we are extremely proud of you both (and your mommy and daddy too!).

The Calagna Family said...

I ditto Teren. And you know I always here stories of how my parents would go to the hospital in the morning, my Dad would go at lunch time and they would both come back at night. Those prayers and the love they showed me were definitely what brought me home. The same with your girls. They will always know your dedication, faith and love in them! I promise. Love you my friend. xo

Caitlin Rodriguez said...

So proud of your girl's accomplishments. You both are doing an amazing job!