Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is that a smile or a tummy rumble?

Today I had the opportunity to hold Phoebe and Piper together after they ate.  It was such a joy to watch them sleep right next to one another.  Phoebe was making some of her super funny faces while she was sleeping.  I think the rumble in her tummy helped contribute to the "smiling" face in the picture.  Piper and Phoebe are both growing so big and eating so much more on their own.  I could not be more pleased/proud of their progress!!

Our nurse today made a check list of things James and I need to do before the girls can come home.  It involves watching videos and a few other things.  One big thing I have not done yet was get a pediatrician!!  This is a big decision and I want to make sure I make a good one.  I think this list means we are getting closer to have at least one baby (Piper) come home.  This makes me very excited and nervous all at the same time. :-)


Caitlin Rodriguez said...

Looks like a smile of happiness to me! They are sooo pretty I could cry!

The Calagna Family said...

I think it is a smile to you Mommy!!! They are so pretty. Can't wait to meet and hold them!!! xoox